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Thomas Simon MUSICIENS SANS FRONTIÉRES finished their second album 'Satellite'. The tracks were recorded in Europe and the US. Scheduled release date: April 30th, 2007.

The band will be touring in Europe, May 2007, including a performance with KUMM at the Festivalul Rock Top T in Buzau, Romania on Saturday, May 19th (check calendar for more info).

MUSICIENS SANS FRONTIÉRES is the creation of NYC-based Austrian-born Thomas Simon - off-off-Broadway rock opera composer, creator of ambient pieces for indie thrillers as well as for Sesame Street, world music documentarian ("Thomas Simon:Walkabout" in 5 film festivals) and alternative-rock guitar hero.

n MSF, Simon is covering the sonic spectrum from the psychedelic, often tribal alt-rock of LOVE ALIEN ( to the dark yet undeniably catchy riffs of his off-off broadway musical hit "The Damned" ( " - a rock musical featuring Thomas Simon has made this town take notice.... a hot ticket not to miss" - Village Voice) sprinkled with the new age ambient suspense sounds of his film-work.

MUSICIENS SANS FRONTIÉRES is co-fronted by singer-songwriter-actress Jillie Simon, who "has been garnering rave reviews and probably more than her share of stalkers..." , said CMJ New Music Report. and has been called "white light/white heat onstage" by NYC booker and former Rolling Stone writer Steve Weitzman. The two had previously founded internationally touring act LOVE ALIEN, of whom Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group) had said "it's my new favorite car music!".

   artin Johnson wrote: "LOVE THAT FUSION: Their band is like a fusion      of Screaming Trees and Sophie B Hawkins. They have a slightly grungy psychedelic sound, and Jill has a sensuous stage presence and breathy vocals that seem to owe a bit to performance art. It's an intriguing and original sound that is often riveting." - NEWSDAY

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