- Johnny Pisano, who's played with Jesse Malin as well as Debbie Harry and Marky Ramone adds his driving, punky bass as Rodney Ledbetter's (J. Geils, Milo Z) powerhouse drumming adds a potent tribal element to the mix.

Thomas Simon MUSICIENS SANS FRONTIÉRES create a wild and unique rock experience.

The self-titled debut album is hard rocking, then soothing, rock ambient with a positive edge, taking the listener on a sonic trip. Driving & hooky alt-rock melodies, with intricately woven instrumentals and male & female vocals, combine to create a mix of darkness and light, sensuality and heart, tension and release. MUSICIENS SANS FRONTIÉRES do not actually speak much french. But borderless and bent on spreading musical ecstacy wherever they go, they are indeed " a hot ticket not to miss"

T.S. MSF had toured Europe, electrifying audiences in Germany, Austria and Belgium, last May 2006 . The tour also included a stop in Amsterdam (NL), where their debut cd was played in premiere rock venue Melkweg. ( The album also receives airplay on Austria's alternative music station FM4 regularly.) T.S.MSF are in the loop at the following New York City venues: CBGB's (main stage) ( before its closing), Knitting Factory (main stage), Crash Mansion, Don Hills, Arlene Grocery, Warsaw, Galapagos Art Space and the new Luna Lounge in Brooklyn...


    ne of the most promising up-&-comers in the N.Y. scene" - Great Britain-based Network of the World (NOW)

Thomas Simon - MUSICIENS SANS FRONTIÉRES will blow people's minds for a better tomorrow...

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